Captain America – James ‘Bucky’ Barnes Premium Format Figure

The Bucky Captain America Premium Format figure captures every aspect of the MARVEL patriot with stunning realism. Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Featuring a stunning display base, real fabric costume detail, and fully loaded utility belt, the Bucky Captain America Premium Format Figure is an outstanding addition to any Marvel collection.

As a young boy, James Buchanan Barnes lost his father and was adopted by Camp Lehigh as their mascot, nicknamed “Bucky”. It was here that he learned the identity of Captain America, Steve Rogers, and underwent rigorous training to be Cap’s sidekick, accompanying him on many adventures. They often worked with the original Invaders, but on a final mission against Baron Zemo, Bucky and Cap hopped on an experimental drone plane in an attempt to disarm a bomb. The bomb detonated, dropping Cap in the North Atlantic, where the Avengers would later find him. American forces never found Bucky’s body, and he was presumed dead when in truth he had been found and revived by Russian General Vasily Karpov.

When Bucky awoke, he had no memory of his identity, which gave Karpov an opportunity to reprogram Bucky as a Soviet assassin called the Winter Soldier. He was sent all across the globe, committing political assassinations with huge effects on the Cold War. His memory implantation caused mental instability, however, and he was kept in stasis between missions to prevent rebellion. Later, the Winter Soldier kidnapped S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, who told Captain America upon her rescue that she believed her captor to be Bucky. Later, Nick Fury confirmed to Cap that the Winter Soldier was indeed his former partner.

When Lukin ordered the Winter Soldier to bury the Cosmic Cube in an underground bunker, Cap tracked him down and defeated him. After the battle, Cap used the Cosmic Cube to restore Bucky’s memories, but Bucky then destroyed the Cube and disappeared. All but Captain America believed him to be dead, but Bucky later resurfaced and aided Wolverine in escaping Weapon X.

When the Superhuman Registration Act was passed, S.H.I.E.L.D’s Nick Fury recruited Bucky for covert operations, so as to protect Captain America from government forces. In the aftermath of the seeming death of Steve Rogers, Barnes became the new Captain America. Rogers survived, but upon his return, he gave Barnes his blessings to continue as Captain America on the Avengers while he accepted a federal role as an administrator managing super-heroes.

This Captain America – James ‘Bucky’ Barnes Premium Format Figureis manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles and available from Sideshow Toys for $289.99 US.