Operation Game

The prototype for the Operation game was invented in 1964 by John Spinello, a student at the University of Illinois. Milton Bradley acquired the rights for $500 USD and started producing the game in 1965. Contemporary versions of the game are now made by Hasbro.

Featuring the patient “Cavity Sam”, the game is a test of the player’s hand-eye coordination and was based on the electric wire loop games that were once popular in fairs across the United States.

Bring back the toys from your childhood like this classic Operation Board Game! 2 Skill levels, and body parts with sound effects. Ages 6 and up.

Operation Board Game

Price: USD $34.99

These reproductions are manufactured by John N. Hansen Co. Inc. and are available at RetroPlanet.

Check out eBay for modern and classic Milton Bradley Operation games (including the infamous smoking doctor version):

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